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    Thanjavur ICCC

    Thanjavur Smart Pole Description

     Wireless communication equipment required for smart city applications can be hidden in plain sight with the help of Smart Poles. In order to support their green initiatives, cities and mobile providers can now collaborate to allow IoT applications.

    Smart city applications will be made possible by the Smart Poles. With new energy-efficient LED lighting that is crisper, cleaner, and significantly more hospitable at night, cities may lower their energy expenses for street lighting at the same time.

    Thanjavur smart city poles


    Thanjavur Smart Poles come with several accessories such as a CCTV camera, a Public Address System, panic button, ECB, Sensor and Smart streetlights. All electrical and electronic components like MCBs, Switches, Media Converters, Audio Decoder, Data logger and Network connectivity are installed within the Smart Poles.

    Smart Street Light:

    Energy-efficient LED
    luminaire with remote
    lighting management,
    smart street light at night & weather-proof IP6

    Networking Camera:

    IP-based Network PTZ Camera
    Weather-proof IP66
    Vandal proof

    IP -based public address system:

    Speaker – Weather-proof
    Built-in Ethernet IP interface
    Built-in power amplifier

    Free Public Wi-Fi:

    Contributes to a better-connected society
    More interactions between citizens and local businesses
    Usability for Tourists and visitors on business trips

    Emergency Call Box:

    Providing a direct line to emergency services
    Surveillance technology to monitor the surrounding area
    Easy –to-use Hassle-free operations with hands-free calling
    VOIP platform renders a good quality of service
    Ethernet and fiber optic connectivity options enhance the robustness of the system

    Thanjavur Smart Pole

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