District Magistrate Recent Orders Section 144

The latest orders of the Magistrate are Section 144

  • In the opinion of a District Magistrate, a Subdivisional Magistrate or any other Executive Magistrate with special powers by the State Government, there is sufficient cause to proceed under this section and immediate prevention or expeditious settlement is desirable. Such magistrate, by written order indicating the main facts of the case, section Issued under section 134, allows any person to abstain from a particular activity or to take specific order in respect of certain property in his possession or under him Can be instructed. If the administration considers that such a magistrate intends to prevent, or prevent, any disturbance, irritation or injury to any person legally employed, or endanger human life, health or safety or disturb the public peace, or a fight.
  • An order under this section may be executed by the former party in the event of an emergency or in circumstances where the circumstances against which the order was directed were served in a timely manner by a notice to that person.
  • An order under this section may be sent to a specific individual or persons residing in a particular place or area, or to the public during frequent visits to or from a particular place or area.
  • No order under this section shall be in force for more than two months from its inception:
  • However, if the State Government deems it necessary to do so in order to prevent danger to human life, health or safety or to prevent a riot or any untoward incident, it may order by a notice that a Magistrate order be issued under this section. No later than six months from the date of issue of the Magistrate’s Order, such order shall expire, as may be stated in that notice.
  • Any Magistrate, on his own initiative or at the request of the aggrieved person, may revoke or change any order made under this section by him or any of his subordinates or his pioneer-office.
  • The State Government may, on its own initiative or at the request of any person affected, rescind or change any order made under sub-section (4).
  • If an application is received under subsection (5) or subsection (6), the magistrate or the state government, as the case may be, should give the applicant an early opportunity to appear before him. Showing cause in person or by petitioner and against the order; If the Magistrate or the State Government rejects the application in whole or in part, he or she must record in writing the reasons for it.

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